Thursday, 19 September 2013

Draw what is impossible to convey in words.





I was assigned to make a portrait of someone who has an influnce on my life.

I had a lot of options, but it had to be someone that I  knew personally, so there went all of my famous roll models. 

I decided on our Nanny and housemaid, Mathilda. She has been working for us for 11 years and is practically part of our the family.

She teaches me how to be patient, loving and understanding to all. Her cooking always makes our house smell like a home and with out her the household would be dysfunctional.

She is always friendly and her Gospel singing fills the halls. She always sees the brighter side of things and cheers everyone up.
Mathilda's Xhosa name is Ambhesiwe. I wanted to portray her culture in this piece and then I realized the traditional patterns on her uniform.
I used acrylic paint on canvas. 

I picked this photo because of how her smile welcomes you and it give you an idee of her personality.

I didn't want to paint a background with to much detail because I was afraid it would take away from the detail and atmosphere of Mathilda. The warm yellow resembles her warm friendly personality.